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Is the project that Vida Nueva has taken on to continue growing and reaching more people with the gospel.
It involves the purchasing of additional property and the establishing of a new Campus to expand the Kingdom of God and transform lives.

What is the opportunity?


families to reach

that live in the vicinity of Campus Cuscatlán

What is the Vision?


people to reach by 2026

with the Gospel of Christ

How much do we hope to grow?


people is the target growth

in attendance, have two Sunday services, one Saturday service, one Friday night service, Paradime, and Youth Meetings

We invite you to follow our progress:

Jun, 3 2024
New Chairs coming In

The first chairs have arrived! The more comfortable the chairs are, the easier it will be for more people to want to connect with God and the Bible, so we have made an investment to be able to have at least the part of the chairs we need for the temporary sanctuary.

May 12, 2024
First Service at Campus Cuscatlan

It's incredible, we already have a temporary sanctuary! The temporary sanctuary can accommodate just over 200 people. This day we already had 2 services, we still don't have chairs, but we are praying that soon we can have at least some of the chairs we need.

May 2024
Preparations for the first service

We have a place to start meeting! Thank God we have temporary roofs and walls to start gathering every Sunday. A group of VidaNueva members were cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping the hallways, and preparing the necessary spaces for the first service in the temporary sanctuary.

May 2024
The new roof for the temporary sanctuary is being installed

The VidaNueva Staff went to pray for the Campus Cuscatlán project and to thank God for the start of laying the roof of the temporary sanctuary.

May 2024
Cuscatlan Challenge 3 Part 2

Children's Ministries need adequate spaces to accommodate all the children we minister to each week. In this challenge, we cleaned the floors and painted the walls of the Children's Ministries classrooms.

April 27, 2024
Cuscatlan Challenge 3 Part 1

Painting a place like Campus Cuscatlán takes a lot of effort and energy. A group of VidaNueva volunteers dedicated their entire Saturday morning to cleaning and painting a section of the perimeter wall.

March 2024
The Building of a Parking Lot

Parking is essential for the development of the Cuscatlán Campus project, in mid-March the creation of the first parking area began.

March 2, 2024
Cuscatlan Challenge Part II

A group of 90 volunteers from Vida Nueva were in charge of removing the debris during the demolition process.

February 2024
Demolition Begins

The heavy machinery was brought in to adapt the property to Campus Cuscatlan’s needs.

February 2024
Cuscatlan Challenge Part 1

A group of 75 volunteers from Vida Nueva came together at the Campus Cuscatlan property to clean up the installations and remove rubble.

February 2024
Roof Removal

Disassembling and removing the roof first is key to carrying out a safe and systematic demolition of the property.

January 2024

Members of Vida Nueva came to see the property that we prayed would become Campus Cuscatlan.

How can you be a part of Vida Nueva’s history?


Prayer in your personal times, join us 10 minutes before each service at Vida Nueva or come and be a part of the Prayer Ministry that meets at Campus Cuscatlán every Saturday.


We encourage you to be part of Vida Nueva’s #CuscaChallenge. You can also participate by giving your time and resources.


Many are already participating by giving of their offerings in person or online.

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